Artist bio

Hailing from Bristol, Mary in the Mirror is an alternative artist originally from London, with a voice that is a unique blend of soul and folk music that has been compared to artists such as Bjork, Beth Gibbons and Kate Bush. Her voice is woven seamlessly into a backdrop of urban beats with influences ranging from alternative, trap, hip-hop, house and pop. Her lyrical content holds evocative storylines with themes that are frank, honest and no holds barred. Written during a time of great hardship in her life, Mary has used her life experiences as inspiration and crafted them into a series of compelling songs. 

Mary utilises fashion and visuals to create a mysterious world, where reality is suspended and we can all become heroes. In 2016, a serious health issue left Mary unable to walk. She battled with being on crutches for years and has overcome these difficulties by taking control of her health, becoming physically strong and determined and dealing with the emotions she encountered by channelling them into her music. Having conquered her own challenges and demons, she feels it is important to share her journey. Her music reflects these ideas of courage and perseverance to rise up, even when faced with adversity. The aptly titled project “Mary in the Mirror” is indicative of the work Mary has had to do, to get past her inner turmoil, by committing to that woman in the mirror and giving her what she needs to thrive. 

An experienced vocalist, she has re-invented herself with this new body of work and is being reborn with her latest releases. 

“I really love (her) voice--it's like if Beth Gibbons and Kate Bush had a beautiful baby! I can't wait to hear more!” - Heather Hz (Twitch DJ) 

“Really good vocals. There's a kind of a mystery to them” - DJ Krust (Drum & Bass producer, Bristol) 

I got goosebumps! - Zoe Foxx (Podcaster, Curl Power) 

Really nice vibes, it carries the Bristol sound - Scott Wylie (Music producer)